The Company Marcheluzzo Impianti S.r.l. based in Castelnovo di Isola Vicentina, Vicenza, founded in 1971 by Dario Marcheluzzo and conduct with his brother Giancarlo, is a family company that has always designed and built the automations of all kinds of heavy clay industry.

Starting as artisans, after a few years we moved to the industrial scale production, boasting up to now, a succession of good results. The economy business has always been conducted in active and this gives peace of mind to our customers for the future.

For over twenty years were included in the production program of the dryer and the design and construction of tunnel kiln. We have completed our development providing to the Client also the preparation and production clay line.
Today, Marcheluzzo Impianti is proposed as a Company with great experience and a comprehensive program of production, from the design to the construction of plants for the production of any type of material for the heavy clay industry.